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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Markaz Anniversay: Conference on National Security ‘Outstanding’

Celebrating the 33rd anniversary and 15th convocation, Markaz staged an astounding conference on national security.  The event was inaugurated by Sri Mullappalli Ramachandran, The union Minister of State for Home Affairs.  The Union Minister of State for Agriculture was the chief guest.  The dignitaries who participated included: opposition leader Sri Oommen Chandi, E.T. Muhammad Basheer, Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musliyar, K.E. Ismail MP, Advocate P.T.A. Raheem MLA, Justice Akbarali Chennai, UC Raman MLA,  Aryadan Mohammed MLA, MP Veerendra Kumar, Dr. MK Muneer, C.Moyin Kutty,etc.

The openning address made by Sri Mullappalli Ramachandran, The union Minister of State for Home Affairs:

Our nation is the outcome of the sacrifice rendered by millions of selfless Indians.  Freedom and democracy are as important for us as the air we breathe.  This country is the dream of hundreds of martyrs.  So it is our duty to make sure that our nation remains proud and strong in spite of the challenges from within and without.

National security is our top priority.   No nation can overlook the internal threats posed by the anti-national elements within such as: extremism, fanaticism, terrorism, etc.  It is part of our security policy that we crack down on those destabilizing factors. It demands us to be proactive and urges us to resort to defensive or protective measures.

We have been facing internal menaces from militant outfits like Maoists, violent tribal groups from Gurka, Nagas, Bodos, etc.  As a free nation we have to approach these issues strategically compromising on the solidarity of the country.

A militant organization called Gorkha Janmukti Morcha has been using violence as a means to achieve their ends.  The hard work and perseverance of the Central Home Ministry resulted in the formation of Darjeeling Gorkha Parishad and the issued are being resolved though negotiations.

 Threats from Leftwing Extremism

The Maoist terror is escalating in the middle northern states of India.  They are violently active in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Vidarbha provinces of Maharashtra, eastern Orissa, eastern West Bengal, northern Andra Pradesh, etc.  Maoism gained momentum in these parts due to the social backwardness, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, etc.  These leftist extremists have caused considerable human loss for CRPF.  Central government has not resorted to armed crack down on Nexelites so far.  Instead, we are attempting to eliminate the root causes for their growth.  We are trying to ensure the basic amenities of the people of these areas.  The union government has recently offered 55 Nexal-infested districts financial aid of over 2500 crores.  The government has already launched a number of developmental programmes in order to improve their standard of life.

 The Issues of North Eastern States

The north eastern states of Sikkim, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh were enjoying peace and security.  Unfortunately the separatist violent activities which started in Nagaland spread across the state borders to the neighboring states of Assam and Manipur.  Meghalaya and Tripura are also facing minor disturbances.  Thanks to the endeavors of the central government, situations in the north eastern states are improving.  Death toll has gone considerably down.   Public support has dwindled drastically.  The youth, who were otherwise part of the militant outfits, are disposing of their extreme ideologies and cooperating with the rehabilitation process.

 The Disturbed Valley

Kashmir is an integral part of the country.  Initially Kashmir did not join either with India or Pakistan during the partition.  Later on they joined India with under some conditions.  In respect of the contract Kashmir enjoy special privileges.  Ever since it has been a state any other states in India.  However, our neighbouring nation has deliberately been keeping Kashmir a burning issue.  They succeeded in influencing a portion of the Kashmiris offering money, means and militant training.

Jammu and Ladak are still peaceful comparatively.    The proportion of separatists are very minute compared to the rest of peace-loving patriotic Kashmiris.  Except for a short period for presidential rule, Kashmiris have always had democratically elected governments in the state.  Central government has been implementing different plans in the valley, aimed at bringing in long lasting peace.  The forces are strictly advised to abide by international human right norms.

 Peaceful Malabar

Malabar had a significant role in our freedom struggle.  Malabar has given birth to great freedom fighters like Kunhali Marakkar, Pazhashi Raja, K.P. Keshava Menon, Kelappan, etc.  We have always maintained that peaceful patriotic vein.  Unfortunately, the recent developments show that even the South is not impenetrable for anti-national forces.  We need to stand united against these forces of the dark.  It is our cooperation between the public and the government that will help us nip those miscreants in the bud.

 The challenges faced by the Muslims of Malabar

Historically speaking the Indian Muslims have completely assimilated to this land.  They have a very healthy secular mind set.  Muslims have established an inseparable bond with this soil through centuries. They stood firmly against the British imperialists.  Their patriotic spirits went across the borders of Malabar.  The great Mappila freedom fighters became national heroes.  Their contributions are immense.  Nobody can undermine the share of struggle that the Muslims had for the making of this great nation.

The world is going through a hard time in the sense that every nation is facing potential threats from terrorist organizations of different denominations.  In the present scenario, India is not an exception.  However, we are firmer than ever against such attempts.  We as a nation will display zero tolerance to violence and terror whatever corner they coming from.  A few members of the Muslim community have been arrested recently for their involvement in the terrorist activities. They are very negligible in number and strength. They do not represent the wider Muslim community.  We have to work hand in hand to eliminate the anti-national elements from any community.  Community organizations should work effectively to combat extremism.  Muslim organizations should be in the forefront, in our fight against terrorism and separatism.  The government is committed to integrate the minority communities to the mainstream.  Their doubts need to be cleared their honour needs to be protected

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