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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Soundness of the Quran

The basic source of Islamic rules and the authoritative by law of Muslim world is The Quran. Even though it is a little book it contains the entire universe and it says about it:

“And we have send down to thee the book explaining All things”.

“Nothing have we omitted from the BookThe Quran has explicitly or otherwise explained all the matters. By reading Quran, one can find solutions for all the problems, provided he is proficient enough to do so.

One should be thorough with the Quran and its exegeses; Thafseer. The very study of Quran diverges into manifold sub-topics. Hadiths or the utterances of Prophet are so imperative to study Quran, without which even superfluous study would be null and void. The study of Hadiths too leads us into studying other enormous topics naming them one may get puzzled and the size of this booklet may go larger.

In addition to that, one should be thorough with Arabic language with all its dimensional features and linguistic literary figures. Moreover, he should be well-equipped with high intellectual faculties, to deduct and to ratiocinate. This plethora of topics, to be essentially mastered, makes us unable to find out rules and solutions out of Quran we being horribly ignorant. No one is going to afford such a stage even if he devotes his whole life or rather a hundred lives in these days!

It will, of course, puzzle you a little. You may tend to think, if it comes so, what is the use of Quran today or how can new problems be explained in the light of Quran? A closer study will sweep away your doubts. It has by all Islamic schools been taken for granted that the Holy Quran contains anything and everything for it is Quran itself that stated so. Further, we realized that a matured scholar alone can understand and interpret the Quran as it is, as is the case with any subject. An authority alone can say anything authentically about a particular subject. There will be a glaring difference between an exponent expert and a more commoner. So is the case with the Quran. Those ones who could so surmount the huge mountains of all these essential knowledge as to enable them to perceive what all the matters necessary, no matter how far strange and minutes it be, are exclusively four in the history of Islam.

They are the proponents of the four Madhabs; four ways of Islamic life; different roads leading ultimately to one centre. They are, imam Shafi, the great, Imam Hanafi, the great, Imam Malik, the great, and Imam Hambali, the great. Each one of these supra-scholastic brains perceived manifold rules and regulations, remedies and solutions in Islamic knowledge, suffice to say, what all needed for human life till the end of this huge globe, after making a surgical research of Quran under the light of lakhs of Hadiths and along with their genuine exegeses plus their outstanding perspicacity and exceptional farsightedness. They chewed them well and imparted to scholars came thereafter who in turn codified them all in a more scientific and informative manner. Among them are Imam Rafi, Imam Navavi, Imam Ibn-Hajer, IImam Ramli, Imam Haramaini, Imam Gazali and so on. This sect of knowledge is known as Fiqh, in Islamic terminology.

Today we are fortunate enough to have an abundant jurisprudence. It is through exhaustive effort that the Imam of four madhabs could thus contribute to us. A closer study of their biography, say, how scrupulously they lived, how meticulously they handled and analyzed the topics, how far keen and sagacious they were, will convince you about their being able to enjoy such a high rank. The diversity in having four paths does not surprise us for we are so acquainted with four methods of medicine, namely, Homeopathy, Allopathy, Yunani and Ayurveda. Even though the ways are different, all the four lead us to one point; better treatment of ailments. In order to travel we choose either road, or rail, or air-service or sea-way but our destination is the same. To get four, we either add one to three, or less one from five, or multiply two and two, or divide eight by two, all give what we need, four. Likewise, even though the ways are different, the four Madhabs lead us into the Quran.

Let us be forgiven for our licentious thought as to why we are not able to find out the inner meanings of the Quran while they were. They were so fortunate to grasp the matters that were common to their age as well as those yet to come. They could even foretell the solutions and remedies for the problems which were not even imaginative and believable to the common folk of the age. The perfection of Islamic Fiqh will surprise you at any rate. Islamic Fiqh, codified centuries ago, under the light of the Holy Quran whose origin goes some more centuries back, have already discussed those matters which are most modern or post modern. The legal and ethical approach of Islam regarding test tube baby, abortion, castration, transplantation of organs, blood bank, milk bank, sperm bank, postmortem, plastic surgery, Siamese twins, caesarian delivery…and so on, which are so common to us but were so strange to our immediate forefathers.

We conquered moon only recently. But the religious principles that explain the methods of prayer forms of worship in outer spaces, be it in moon, in venues, in Neptune in Uranus or any other newly founded planets, have already been recorded in Fiqh even before a poet’s mind can freely imagine it. Offspring begotten to two different species, for instance, a man-dog, or dog-goat or merman seen in sea are not so common today. Still its likelihood of having has been foretold by Fiqh. Cloning is most modern. No creed is there prepared to say anything regarding it other than individual comments. But, Islam, its Fiqh unambiguously discusses its likelihood and states its attitude towards it.

The post world-war economic system is so complicate. Banking, insurance policies with its manifold diversities, loans, partnership, company, provident fund, pre-publication, vacation salary… are something nearer to modern. Still it grows. But Islamic laws binding all these economic transactions have already been explained. It is a religion. It is a complete code of life. The Holy Prophet (P. B. U. H.) has undoubtedly analyzed all the matters from dawn till dark, from cradle to grave. His life is a comprehensive specimen. He has taught everything; how to deal with others, how to eat, how to take bath, how to use toilet, how to cut nails; from which finger is to be started, with which finger it has to be ended, all and all… It ranges from kitchen to international dealings! Nothing escapes through Islam. A closer and deeper study will convince you the fact. World Islamic organizations have been sought help from various parts of the world, to suggest solutions for the most intricate world cases. Mass-media, has reported many an incident.

That Islam has already solved the problems that are yet to come will surprise you. The matters we have referred so far are something, which we chanced to here at least. But, have you ever heard a man gets his life back ones he is eternally dead? What would be his fate? How should he be treated? Have you ever heard a man is abruptly turned his identity to a monkey, or to a tiger, or to a cat, or to a rat, or anything of that sort? Granted, you heard it, have you ever heard a true man, having one head, two eyes, two ears, two hands, two legs and all the organs, turned to a lifeless stone all on a sudden? A cock into a rock? Ants into sands? An elephant into a small hill? Have you ever, ever heard the sun set at west re-appeared? If it occurred so what would be the condition? How many facts are there unknown to us, but well known to Islam…!

These are only some instances. The closer you study the more you will be surprised. Sometimes these facts may be a source of fun to you as the modern events, with which we are so familiar as not be an object of astonishment for us, had been to our forefathers in case they happened to hear an erstwhile Islamic scholar speak these matters. Even, some schools have mocked at the reference to the man-dog described in books of Fiqh, a little before. But once it is happened they opened their eyes. Likewise, events referred here, of the likelihood of which we are still skeptical, will, one day, be occurred. We cannot stop the growth of biotechnology and genetic engineering. Nor are we able to check the changes in this nature! We do not have any authority over the rotation of sun. Is it so impossible to re-appear the sun after it set once? If it comes so, can we avert it? But whatever it be, occurred or not occurred, solutions are ready made here! Islam gives proper guidelines for these issues. A cursory glance on any Islamic Fiqh book will give you the directions regarding the referred events.

It is taken for granted that the Holly Quran contains all. But we cannot make out them completely from it through a prima facie or by merely reading a translation. But those great Imams who are well versed in Quran could. They read more than we do. By reading the very lines, which we do, they made out solutions and guidelines. We read the lines while they read between the lines. We search pearls upon the shallow surface while they submerge into the many depths of the Holly Quran.

We do observe a bottle of water. So does a scientist. We cannot see anything in that other than mere water. But he sees more than we do. When we say it is only water, he says, it is the admixture of two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom. In fact, he too sees only water. But his additional knowledge about matters and particles gives him more information so that he is able to identify the identities of things. Likewise an Imam of a Madhabs reads a verse along with numerous exegeses and lakhs of Hadiths, compared and contrasted by literary figures and ways of expression, coupled with outstanding faculty to distinguish and exceptional sagacity to perceive.

We see a drop of blood merely as a drop of blood. But when a scientist analyses it observing through his electronic microscope, he sees a vast sea of red colour, wherein crores of microbes are bubbling and proliferating. We see the Milky Way, sun, moon, stars, cloud etc. To us stars are twinkling emeralds. But when an astronomer observes it through his telescope he sees ‘a twinkling emerald’ as a huge and gigantic globe having rocks, mountains and terrible pits and cavities… etc.

Milk we can see, but butter hidden in it we cannot. Still we deny not its presence in it. It is only after many laborious efforts that we gather it out of milk. At first milk is exposed to bio-chemical evolution turning it into curd. Adding a little water to it we work on it with exceptional patience. Gradually, tiny particles of butter appear here and there. Still we continue our exhaustive effort. Then the presence of butter becomes palpable to us.

Here the one who denies the inclusion of butter in milk merely by seeing its outward appearance is pretty befooled as well as the one who turns furious at his deplorable state of being unable to find out it by merely doing one or two attempts in it and leave the endeavor. He who claims to have the capacity or sagacity to distinguish butter from milk without knowing how to make it undergo for a chemical evolution, how to lose it, what to add into it, at what quantity should it be and the likes is but despicably imprudent and ridiculously impertinent.

We have the Holy Quran in our hands. But, we don’t have ample water of Hadiths to make the solid Quran loose and tender. Nor are we able to put it to such an exposure as to make it convenient to our researches and free handling. But, what if we persist on seeing the vast sea, or horrible globe without possessing a microscope or a telescope. Is it not a childish obstinacy to insist on seeing the butter from the very outward form of milk? Is it not as childish as to persist on confining a huge elephant in a tiny bottle?

However, it doesn’t mean that The Holy Quran should be set aside. It is Islamic Fiqh that is mainly codified. The Holy Quran doesn’t contain that alone. But it is food for our thought forever. The world is dynamic. Science still grows. The Quranic teachings are not contrary to science. Researches should ever be turned the Quran. World Islamic Organizations hold debates and seminars frequently concentrating on separate aspects of the Quran, say, science and its numerous branches, literature and its varieties..etc. The Quran is a limitless sea of knowledge. We should ever voyage through it, even if we are not expected to reach the other end!

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