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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ali Zainul Abideen al Jifri And Al-Habib Abdur Rahman Assaqqaf

Shaik  Ali Zainul Abideen Al  Jifri

Ali Zain al-Abidin son of Abdul-Rahman son of Ali son of Muhammad son of Alawi son of Ali son of Alawi son of Ali son of Ahmed son of Alawi son of Abdul-Rahman Mawlah al-Arsha s of Muhammad son of Abdullah al-Tarisi son of Alawi al-Khawas son of Abu Bakr al-Jifri son of Muhammad son of Ali son of Muhammad son of the Ahmed son of the al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Muhammad son of Ali son of Muhammad Sahab Murbat son of Ali Khali` Qassam son of Alawi son of Muhammad son of Alawi son of Ubaidullah son of the Ahmed al-Muhajir ila Allah (trans: the one who made an exodus to the Divine presence) son of Isa son of Muhammad al-Naqib son of Ali al-Uraidhi son of Jafar al-Sadiq son of Muhammad al-Baqir son of Ali Zain al-Abidin son of Hussein (the grandson of the Messenger of God blessings & peace be upon him) son of Ali son of Abu Taleb, may God ennoble his countenance, the husband of Fatimah al-Zahra daughter of the Messenger of God blessings & peace be upon him.

His noble mother is Marumah daughter of Hassan son of Alawi son of Hassan son of Alawi son of Ali al-Jifri.on

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Al-Habib Abdur Rahman bin Muhammad Assaqqaf (Tarim)

One of the guardians and scholars from Ahlil Bait Ba'alawi which is bertabur karamah Habib Abdurrahman bin Muhammad As-Saqqaf. He got As-Saqqaf surname, which means the roof of the guardian and the people in the era Salih

Scholars of Tarim, Hadramaut this is known as a guardian bertabur karamah. One is often seen many people being present at important places in Makkah. Ulama is also known as a strong bermujahadah scholars. He had not slept for 33 years. Dikabarkan, he often met with the Prophet SAW and friend in the awake every Friday night, Monday and Thursday, ongoing.

Habib Abdurrahman As-Saqqaf is a great theologian, a noble guardian, the priest role models and teachers for the large auliya al-'arifin. He was born in the city of Tarim, Hadramaut in the 739 H. She called her mother bint Abi Bakr Ahmad Ibn al-Faqih al-Muqaddam.

One day, one of the santri named Muhammad bin Hassan Jamalullail at the mosque was very hungry once. That time, the santri ashamed to say about the circumstances of the stomach rumbling. Apparently the teacher will know the circumstances santrinya. He then called for the santri ride up to the mosque floor. Strangely, before he terhidang food is delicious.

"Where to get the food?" Ask Muhammad bin Hassan Jamalullail.

"Kudapati meal from a woman," answered the runaway. In fact, the sepengetahuan santri, not one entry in the mosque.

When the night has arrived, people who view them as long to travel out at night, as the long night of prayer that he did. Together with friend, Fadhl, never to worship in the cemetery near the U.S. Nabiyallah him many months. He and the friend of friendship that closely tied. They both together to study and discuss each other sciences that are useful.

Many auliyaillah and the sholihin glamourize Habib Abdurrahman As-Saqqaf. He did not decide a case against someone, but after hearing from the signaling of the Right to do something. Said As-Sayyid Al-Jalil Muhammad bin Ahmad bin Abubakar Ba'alawy, "When Habib Abdurrahman have decided a matter for me, then immediately hilanglah me love the world and the nature of blame, switch to the nature of commendable."

As the auliya in Hadramaut, he also loves to worship self-exile in the hills An alley-Nu'air at once and also berziarah to tomb of Prophet Hood AS. The other a student named Ali bin Syeikh Abdurrahim preacher said, "At a time sepulangnya we berziarah to the tomb of Prophet Hood as Habib Abdurrahman together, he said, "We will not except in the Maghrib prayer Fartir Rabi '. We are very astonished with his speech. When the sun was almost down the distance that must be our of the very remote. He told us just keep running while berzikir to Allah SWT. We arrived on time in Fartir Rabi ', the sun began to sink. So we believe that with the sun until karamahnya inclined to bottle up before he reached the place that ditujunya. "

Diriwayatkan also on a day he was sitting in front of his disciples. Suddenly he saw lightning. He said to them: "Bubarlah you soon will be a flood in this valley." What is spoken by as he was told that.

A time-Habib Abdurrahman As-Saqqaf visit one of his wife who is in a village, said on his wife who are pregnant, "You will bear a male child on the day and so will die right on the day of so and so, soon mayatnya gift-wrap the shroud is .

Habib Muhammad bin Abdurrahman As-Saqqaf and provide piece of cloth. With the permission of Allah, his wife giving birth puteranya on the specified days and not longer a new born baby that died on the day spoken by him before.

Once upon a time, there is a boat full of passengers and goods suddenly leaking sink only. All passengers who have the boat in the panic. Some have a beristighatsah (resort) on the part of carers diyakininya with his name. Some others who have beristighatsah the name of Habib Abdurrahman As-Saqqaf. People who mention the name of Habib Abdurrahman As-Saqqaf is to see his dream being to cover the hole the boat almost sinking it with his leg, to the survivors. Story is heard by people who do not believe in coincidences Abdurraman Habib As-Saqqaf.

Lapse of some time after the incident on the person who does not believe that Habib Abdurrahman was lost in a journey for three days. All food and drink supply runs out. It was almost desperate. Fortunately he still remembers the stories his istighatsah with Habib Abdurrahman As-Saqqaf, who once didengarnya some time ago. Then he mentioned the name beristighatsah with him. And he vowed that if Allah SWT be saved in this way it will be abiding with Habib Abdurrahman As-Saqqaf. His name has not been selesaimenyebut suddenly there came a man who gave him the dates and water. Then he indicated the way out to avoid hazards.

Karamah another's Habib Abdurrahman As-Saqqaf, also evidenced by a house servant. One was a waitress in the middle when dihadang travel by footpad. Kendaraannya and perbekalannya then seized by a family from Al-Katsiri. Servants who are afraid that soon beristighatsah the name of Habib Abdurrahman ask for help with loud voice. When people who seize the vehicle and stores the waitress will be touch and kenderaan goods perbekalannya suddenly stiff hands can not be moved a bit. See a critical situation that the prowler said the servant who seized the vehicle and perbekalannya.

"I promised to restore the barangmu this if you beristighatsah once again to syeikhmu you mention his name before," said the brigand.

The waitress immediately beristighatsah please hand the man in order to recover as they are. With the permission of Allah, the prowler was immediately healed and that the goods seized be returned to the waitress. Time waitress was met with Habib Abdurrahman As-Saqqaf, he said, "If you do not need to beristighatsah loud voice, because we also hear it."

That is some karamah addressed to scholars called complete Habib Abdurrahman As-Saqqaf Al-Muqaddam Ats Tsani-Maulad Dawilah bin Muhammad bin Ali bin Alwi Shahibud Dark Al-Ghuyur bin al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Muhammad bin Ali bin Muhammad bin Ali Shohib Mirbath Khali 'Qasam bin Alwi bin Muhammad bin Alwi bin Ubaidillah bin Al-Imam Al-Muhajir bin Isa Ahmad, and continue until nasabnya prolonged Rasulullah SAW.

As-Saqqaf nickname comes from the word as-saqfu (roof), which means the roof of the guardian and the people Salih on time. That will signal the height of knowledge and a high maqam, and even exceeded the ulama-ulama of the time. He also received the nickname Syeikh Al-Wadi Al-Ahqaf and Muqaddam Ats-Tsani Lis Saadaati Ba'alwi (Al-Muqaddam second after Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam). Since then, the title given to the Assaqqaf he and all his descendants.

Since he was a small steep range of science and dive into a range of knowledge, both oriented aql (intellect) or naql (religious reference). He memorize Al-Qur'an from Syeikh Ahmad bin Muhammad Al-preacher, and learn science and Tajwid Qira'at. He also act to asy-Syeikh Muhammad Ibn Sa'id Basyakil, Syeikh Muhammad Ibn Abi Bakr Ba'ibad, Syeikh Muhammad Ibn Sa'id Ka'ban, Syeikh Ali Salim Ibn Ar-Rakhilah, Syeikh Abu Bakr Ibn Isa Bayazid, Syeikh Umar Ibn Sa'id Ibn Kaban, Syeikh Imam Abdullah Ibn Thohir Addu'ani and others.

He learned the book At-Tanbih and al-Abi Isaac Muhadzdzab essay. He also like the book Ar-tract-Al and Al Qusyairiyah 'As-Awarif paper Samhudi. He also never missed the books to learn composition Al-Imam Al-Ghazali as Basith, Al-Wasith, Al-Wajiz, Khulashoh and Al-Ihya Ulumiddin. And the book-length Imam Ar-Rofi'iy such as Al-'Aziz Al Syarh-Wajiz and Al-Muharror.

Habib Abdurrahman As-Saqqaf always read Al-Qur'an every day and night with 8 times khataman, 4 in the evening and 4 in the afternoon. At the time of the day he read it 2 times last from dawn until after the Dhuhur, 1 from the last time until Dhuhur Ashar (the dibacanya in 2 rakaat prayer), and 1 time after khataman prayer Ashar.

Each time to plant palm trees, he read a letter Yasin for each tree. Once again it is 1 khataman Al-Qur'an for each tree. Then given a new date palm trees to the children.

He died in the city of Tarim on Thursday, 23 Sya'ban year 819 H (1416 M). When they want to turn his face to the direction, the face is turned to its own direction. Jasad he be buried on Friday morning, in the graveyard Zanbal, Tarim. He left 13 sons and 7 daughters.

Disarikan from Syarh Al-Ainiyyah, Nadzm Sayyidina Al-Qutub Al-Habib Abdullah bin Alwi Alhaddad Ba'alawy, the work of Al-Allamah al-Habib Ahmad bin Zain Alhabsyi Ba'alawy

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