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Friday, May 21, 2010

Al-Habib Umar bin Muhammad bin Hafiz

Al-Imam Al-'Arifbillah Musnid Al-Al-Al-Mufassir Hafizh Al-Habib Umar bin Muhammad bin Hafidh. He is al-Habib 'Umar son of Muhammad son of Salim the son of Hafiz the son of Abd-Allah, son of Abi Bakr the son of dari'Aidarous son of al-Hussain the son of al-Shaikh Abi Bakr the son of Salim the son of' Abd-Allah son of 'Abd-al-Rahman, son of' Abd-Allah, son of al-Shaikh 'Abd-al-Rahman al-Saqqaf, son of Muhammad Maula al-Daweela son of' Ali, son of 'Alawi the son of al-Faqih al- Muqaddam Muhammad son of 'Ali son of Muhammad Sahib al-Mirbat son of' Ali Khali 'Qasam son of' Alawi the son of Muhammad son of 'Alawi the son of' Ubaidallah son of al-Imam al-Muhajir to Allah Ahmad the son of Jesus son of Muhammad son of 'Ali al-'Uraidi son of Ja'far al-Sadiq son of Muhammad al-Baqir, son of' Ali Zain al-'Abidin son of Hussain sang grandson, the son of the couple 'Ali, son of Abu Talib and Fatima al-Zahra daughter of Prophet Muhammad

He was born in Tarim, Hadramaut, one of the oldest cities in Yemen, which became very popular in the world with berlimpahnya scientists and scholars who made this city for centuries. He grew up in families with a tradition of Islamic scholarship and moral rectitude to his father who was a famous fighter martir, Intellectual Sang, Sang Da'i General, Muhammad bin Salim bin Hafiz bin Shaikh Abu Bakr bin Salim. His father is a scholar of Islamic intellectuals who devoted their lives to spreading Islam and the teaching of the Holy Law and the rules of Islamic holy. He was a tragic kidnapped by communist groups and estimated the dead, may Allah forgive his sins. His grandfather was the second so, al-Habib Salim bin Hafiz and Habib al-Hafiz bin Abd-Allah is the most respected Muslim intellectual the Muslim scholars and intellectuals at the time. God seems to complete the appropriate conditions for al-Habib 'Umar in the case of relations with the Muslim intellectual and glory surrounding the show from his own family and from within the community where he grew up

He was able to memorize the Holy Qur'an at a very young age and it is to memorize a variety of core texts in fiqh, hadith, Arabic and various religious sciences, including the ring making it held firmly by the knowledge that so many traditional scholars such as Muhammad bin 'Alawi bin Shihab and al-Shaikh Fadl Baa Fadl and the other scholars who teach in Ribat, Tarim is famous for. But he also learned all kinds of things, including religious spiritual knowledge from his father who died in battle, al-Habib Muhammad bin Salim, who recovered from it a deep love and attention on da'wah and religious guidance or guidance by Allah swt Her father, she's seen 'Umar always small in the presence of his father in the circle of knowledge and dhikr.

However, the tragic, when al-Habib 'Umar were to accompany his father to prayer Sunday, his father was kidnapped by the communists, and sang' Umar to return to a small private home is still owned by his father to bring shale, and since that time his father was never seen again . This led to 'Umar stated that the responsibilities of young people to continue the work done in the field of Da'wah his father as though his father would wrap a flag given to them in a small time before his martyrdom. Since then, the high-sang dikibarkannya flag high, it started, a vibrant, challenging journey, gather the people, forming Majelis-majelis and da'wah. Struggle and hard effort to extend the work of his father began to bear fruit. Classes begin now open to young people and parents at local Mosques which offered many opportunities to memorize the Holy Quran and to study the traditional sciences.

It is indeed truly understand the Scriptures until he was given a special from God while still a young age. However, this effect will lead to safety concerns and ultimately decided the city was sent to al-Bayda ', located at the place called North Yemen, which makes it far from the reach of those who wish to harm the young Sayyid sang.

There begins an important new chapter in his development. Log in school Ribat al-Bayda 'he began studying traditional sciences under the supervision of a member of the noble al-Habib Muhammad bin' Abd-Allah al-Haddar, may Allah forgive, and also under the guidance of scholars Habib al-Shafi'i sect Zain bin Sumait, may Allah protect him. Finally fulfilled his promise when it listed as a teacher soon after. It also continues to pursue his cause of tiring in the field of Da'wah.

This place is al-Bayda 'and cities and villages around it. None of the delay in its efforts to re-introduce you love Allah and His Messenger's on their minds entirely. Classes and majelis established, the teaching begins, and those led. His efforts are so hard cause lack of sleep and a break from the big show for those affected by its teachings, especially the youth that has been slipping in life is empty and superficial, but now has undergone profound changes, until they realize that life has a purpose, they proud of their new indentitas as Muslims, to impose sorban / Muslim scarf and began to focus their attention received honorable qualities and character of the Messenger of Allah's Messenger Sang

Since then, a large group of people who have influenced him began to gather around him and assist in the struggle for Da'wah and the strength of his teaching in a variety of large and small cities in North Yemen. At this time, he started visiting many cities and communities across Yemen, from Ta'iz city in the north, to learn from Ta'iz mufti al-Habib Ibrahim bin Aqil ibn Yahya that began showing on his attention and love large as they get equal treatment from the Shaikh al-Habib Muhammad al-Haddar until it gave daughters to dinikahi after he saw that inside there are the qualities of honesty and great intelligence.

Soon after, he traveled to perform Hajj tiring in Mecca and visiting the tomb of Rasul Allah in Madinah. In his journey to the Hijaz, he blessed the opportunity to learn a few books from famous scholars there, especially from al-Habib 'Abdul Qadir bin Ahmad al-Saqqaf who saw that in itself' Umar young, young people are the spirit of love to God and Allah and His Messenger indeed lost in the dissemination of knowledge and justice for his fellow men so beloved of al-Habib Abdul Qadir is a great teacher. Similarly, he was blessed to receive knowledge and guidance from the Pillars of justice in the Hijaz, which al-Habib Ahmed Mashur al-Haddad and al-Habib 'Attas al-Habashi.

Since that is the name of al-Habib Umar bin Hafiz from widespread, especially because of his hard work in the renewed appeal of Islam and the teachings of the traditional early. But a great popularity and fame is not in the least reduce his teaching efforts, but otherwise, this made for additional resources which the other noble goals can be maintained. No waste time in vain, all the time filled with the remembrance of Allah in various manifestasinya, and in many different situations and locations. They have the depth of faith, especially in developing those didekatnya, has become one of his best behavior to make clear his name spread even to reach the New World.

Oman country will be the next fase in the movement to reform the 15th century. Having welcomed the invitation from a group of Muslims who have the desire and willingness menggebu to receive benefits from his teaching, he left the land of his birth and not return until several years later. Seedlings of teaching and also cultivated in the city of glory Shihr in eastern Yemen, the first town in Hadramaut disinggahinya while back, Yemen. There he began the teachings of embedded and enshrined in the development of al-Mustafa Ribat. This is a major point of return and can sign more than one way, in case of complete theoretical aspects of this effort and to create concrete evidence that can represent the teaching-learning in the future.

Return to Tarim be a sign of a fundamental change from the years he spent in studying, teaching, developing mental religious people around him, spreading the call and call the right and forbid the wrong. Dar-al-Mustafa was a gift to the world, and in the pesantren world pulalah call. In a considerably short so people will see the Tarim berkumpulnya on students from different regions together in a remote city that nearly forgotten when he was master of the communist opposition. Students from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Comoro Islands, Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt, Britain, Pakistan, U.S. and Canadian union, as well as other Arab countries and countries in the Arab section will be supervised directly by Habib Umar. They will be the representative and the continuation of what now has become a genuine struggle for the renewal of traditional Islam in the 15th century after the resurrection. The establishment of many similar Islamic institutions in Yemen and other countries under the management of al-Habib Umar will be a mainstay in the dissemination of knowledge and character behavior and provide an opportunity for the public the opportunity to once was confiscated from them.

Habib 'Umar now lives in Tarim, Yemen where he oversees the development of the Dar al-Mustafa and the many other schools that were built under his management. He still holds an active role in the spread of Islam, so he is actively taking up most of the year to visit many countries around the world to do the activities mulianya


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