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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Islam: A Comprehensive Life Code

Islam is a complete code of life. To have merely a materialistic outlook is not enough, instead, it should be explicitly defined. Since human life pervades manifold directions and multi-dimensional spheres, a system of life, whatever it is, say, a religion, a culture, an ism, or a book should extend in to those fields as well.

A perennial and universal code of life should deal with all the matters concerning human life. Even an iota of this temporal life, no matters however irrelevant and rare it may be, should not be left untouched by it. Furthermore, it should not be adversely inflicted by the novelties and complexities of changing ages. Nor should it keep mum to any issue concerned with human life. To tremble before problem is no longer suitable to a religion. Worse of all and more ludicrous is to make amendments according to the changes. The very amendment proves it to be one that deserves no more existence.

Suffice to state, a religion which can be termed universal and pragmatic should be so ridden of all the deficiencies and drawbacks, so relieved of all confusions and ambiguities, so devoid of all additions and deletions, so free from all loopholes and leakage, so sound and perfect as to be fully fit to every state and situation regardless of age, nation, populace, season, topography and the likes.

The simple answer to your possible doubt as to whether there exists any religion having all these traits and temperaments, adorned with this much soundness and uprightness, endowed with this kind of perspicacity and farsightedness, and even if there is the least likelihood of having such one, whether it is still prevalent in this ultra-modern world, is nothing but, “it is high time you came in acquaintance with Islam and studied it thoroughly”. One may be surprised to know that the very Islam which was introduced and preached centuries ago continues its triumphant march even in this post modern era, where confusing problems and disputing issues are being ceaselessly contributed by the fast growing bio-technology and booming genetic engineering. We have started playing with human hearts, even with human identities. We are on the verge of identifying the language of genome. Still Islam is not taken aback. There is no any occurrence or event about which Islam can opine or verdict nothing. It will only serve to heighten your surprise that Islam has foretold such matters about which we are strangers even in this modern world. They are yet to come, but solutions are ready here in the files of Islam. Let me add this more, Islam is second to none and there is none even second to Islam in this regard. It is a wonder, a miracle, and a reality!

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