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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sunni kerala News

Former Kerala Wakhf Board chief passes away

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Syed Fazal Pookkoya Thangal, a noted Islamic scholar and former chairman of the Kerala Wakhf Board, died in the northern town of Kozhikode early Tuesday at the age of 81. Thangal was the president of Marqasu Ssaquafathi Ssunniyya - a leading Islamic center of learning in Kerala - a position that he held for a long time and until his death. He was also president of the state’s prominent Islamic bodies such as Maunathul Islam Sangham, Ponnani and Mishqal Masjid, and was associated with a large number of institutions, including the Kerala Haj Committee.

Born to Syed Mohammed Jifry Thangal in 1928, Syed Fazal had participated in India’s freedom struggle against British rule that ended in 1947. His association with Sunni organizations in the area started as the city unit president of the Sunni Yuvajana Sangham.

His ancestors migrated to Kerala from Hadhramaut in Yemen three centuries ago and played an important role in propagating Islam in south India. The family’s Jifry House functioned as the seat of the Sunni movement before establishing its headquarters in Kozhikode.

Syed Fazal died at around 4 a.m. at a private hospital. His funeral took place at a cemetery close to his ancestral home on Tuesday evening. He leaves behind a wife, seven sons and a daughter.

Leaders of the Sunni movement, including Kanthapuram AP Aboobakr Musliar, who cut short his visit to Cairo to return to India, reached Jifry House to pay their last respects.
Press Release by Muslim Scholars of All Major Mainstream Juridical Schools
March 31, 2010

“We condemn the recent criminal terrorist attacks, perpetrated against brothers and sisters in Islam and in Humanity, in Iraq, Moscow, and Dagestan. Islam absolutely upholds the sanctity of human life, and no grievances, even when legitimate, can ever be used to justify or legitimate such murderous and evil acts. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families, and our condolences to the Iraqi and Russian peoples and their religious and political leaderships.”

Sheikh Abu Bakr Ahmad Al-Milibari, Secretary General of the Ahl Al-Sunna Association, India
Dr. Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun, Grand Mufti of Syria
Dr. Ahmad Abd Al-Aziz Al-Haddad, Mufti of Dubai, UAE
yatollah Hussein Muayad, Shia Authority, Iraq
Dr. Hamdan M. Al-Mazroui, Head of the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, Director and Founder, Zaytuna Institute, California, USA
Sheikh Rawi Ayn Al-Din, Chief of the Council of Russian Muftis
Dr. Aref Ali Nayed, Director, Kalam Research and Media, Dubai, UAE
Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad, Sheikh Zayed Lecturer in Islamic Studies, Cambridge University, UK
Allamah Sheikh Abd Allah bin Mahfouz bin Bayyah, Vice President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, and President of the Global Centre for Renewal and Guidance
Dr. Abla Kahlawi, Dean of Islamic and Arabic Studies, Al-Azhar University (Women‟s College), Egypt
Sheikh Professor Dr Ali Gomaa, Grand Mufti of the Republic of Egypt
Al-Habib Ali Zain Al-Abidin Al-Jifri, Founder and Director, Tabah Foundation, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Sayyed Ali al-Hashimi, Advisor to the President for Judiciary and Religious Affairs, UAE
Sheikh Ali Evteev , Mufti of Northern Russia
Dr. Farouk Hamada, Religious Advisor, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court
Al-Sharif Muhammad al-Alwini, Chairman of Brussels Academy for Islamic Sciences
Dr. Bassam al-Zain, Preacher, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court
Sayyed Muhammad bin Muhammad al-Mansour, High Authority of Zeidi Muslims, Yemen
Dr. Muhammad Rashid Qabbani, Grand Mufti of Lebanon
Prof. Dr. Allamah Shaykh Muhammad Sa'id Ramadan Al-Buti, Former Dean, Dept. of Religion, University of Damascus, Syria
Sheikh Muhammad Abd Allah Kgarachai, Head of the Society of Dawah and Education in Russia
H.E. Sheikh Dr. Mustafa Ceric, Grand Mufti and Head of „Ulema of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sheikh Mukaddars Bibarsov, Mufti of Volga
Sheikh Nafigulla Ashirov, Muslim Spiritual Directorate (MSD) of the Asiatic Part of Russia
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Sunni Youth Society holds National Islamic Meet in Delhi
New Delhi: The Sunni Youth Society, a prominent youth group of Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat, held its National Islamic Convention 2009 in New Delhi today with eminent personalities from the dominating section of the Muslim community attending and addressing the daylong program.

The theme of the convention was Message of Humanity. The theme was selected “not only to strengthen the roots of communal harmony in the country but also to teach our youth about the secular and rich traditions of our country,” said Sunni Youth Society. “The message of every religion is same and each religion tells to live with peace and harmony. This message which is very much relevant in this scenario where everyone is trying to prove his religion as best one, SYS (Sunni Youth Society) is rising with a slogan to spread the message of humanity,” the group said.

The program presided over by Syed Muhammad Ashraf Miyan Jilani, president, Spiritual Foundation of India, was addressed by various renowned spiritual personalities including Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmed, chief patron of Sunni Youth Society and General Secretary, Jamiat Ulema (Kerala), Syed Shah Shameemuddin Ahmed Munami, Sajjad Nasheen of Khanqah Munamiah (Patna) and Dr Abdul Haleem Azhari, national president, Muslim Students Organization.

Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmed said that Muslims are in good condition in India but what has now become disturbing for some years is that the community is being blamed for terror attacks in the country.

Hussain Ashraf Jilani (England) said that Islam has no affiliation with terrorism and extremism. Yet Islam is blamed for terrorism. So now it’s our responsibility to track down the terrorists to clean the image of the religion.

Talking on issues concerning Muslims in India, Sheikh Aboobacker said lack of a consensus leadership is the biggest problem of the community. On the main reason for lack of unity in the Muslim society, the sheikh said there is no difference in the basics.

There are thousands of madrasas being run in the country by Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat. When Sheikh Aboobacker was asked for his stand on the proposed Central Madrasa Board, he said: If the government wants to help madrasas financially and see modern subjects like English and computer being taught at madrasas and has no intention to interfere in their religious syllabus, we can support the proposal. Otherwise, there is no way to support it.

Islam does not condone suicide bombings

JEDDAH: Aboobacker Ahmed, general-secretary of the All India Sunni Jami’athul Ulema and Jamia Markazu Ssaquafathi Ssunniyya, strongly condemned the recent attempt to assassinate Prince Muhammad bin Naif, assistant interior minister for security affairs. Aboobacker, who was in the Kingdom to perform Umrah, delivered the condemnation while speaking to journalists in Jeddah after performing Umrah on Tuesday. “Suicide bombings are unacceptable because of two reasons — they kill people unjustly and cause self-destruction, which are strictly forbidden in Islam,” said Aboobacker. He added that attacks against the rulers of a country are undoubtedly against the basic tenets of Islam. He also said that Ramadan is the month of love and peace and that the true advocates of Islam should forward a message of peace instead of barbaric attacks.

“The Muslim youth should be subjected to special awareness campaigns against the dangers of getting involved in extremist and deviant ideology as part of the fight against international terror,” he said. He also stressed the importance of praying for international peace in the holy month. Answering a question about the current global recession, Aboobacker said it is clear that the modern economic system crashed because it is based on usury, which is strongly condemned by the Holy Qur’an. “Islam has put forth an economic system that is free from interest. We should make efforts for an interest-free economic system,” he added.

Jamia Markazu Ssaquafathi Ssunniyya, is a socio-cultural foundation that works to provide the younger generation with Islamic and secular education. The organization has been functioning since 1978 and runs 26 institutes in Calicut, Kerala. 03/09/2009
Scholar Calls for Drive Against Extremism

JEDDAH: A prominent Indian scholar has called for an effective campaign to counter extremism and suicide attacks.“Suicide bombings are against the basic principles of Islam. They are anti-Islamic. We need to enlighten Muslims about the negative effects of extremism,” Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmed alias Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musliyar, secretary, All India Jamiyyathul Ulema, told Arab News.“Muslims should be taught that Islam does not approve of killings,” the scholar said, adding that the Ummah should whole-heartedly embrace the message of unity and solidarity “that is so beautifully conveyed through Haj.”

Sheikh Aboobacker said that all communities should promote the spirit of love, cooperation, harmony and brotherhood. He underlined the importance of preaching love among people, “particularly when the world is facing terrorism and atrocities.”He also reminded Muslims that their actions must be motivated by the love of Allah and His Messenger Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Sheikh Aboobacker urged Muslims to refrain from activities that might create misunderstandings among non-Muslims about Islam. He said extremism and suicide attacks would not resolve any of the problems faced by Muslims. He said it was wrong to blame all Muslims for the evil activities of a few individuals. “Miscreants are found in every society but the entire society cannot be held responsible for their misdeeds,” Sheikh Aboobacker said. He accused the media of tarnishing the image of Islam by generalizing wrong actions of a few. Sheikh Aboobacker commended the Saudi government for the excellent arrangements that culminated in a very peaceful and smooth Haj.

Sheikh Aboobacker is also the general-secretary of the Markazu Ssaquafathi Ssunniyya, a non-profit educational institution based in Calicut, Kerala. According to the scholar, the Markaz plays an important role in the reawakening of Muslims in Kerala by imparting religious and secular education simultaneously. The institution offers shelter to a large number of destitute children, especially orphans. “Providing care to the helpless and needy is the thrust of Markaz activities,” he added. A total of 8,000 students are studying at the Markaz including 1,500 orphans. They come from different parts of India, including Kashmir and Hariyana.Sheikh Aboobacker said the material and moral support from the community helped the institution reach its present level of excellence. The Markaz runs 25 institutions including Shariat College (that teaches Qur’an, Hadith and Fiqh), English-medium schools, orphanages (for both girls and boys), arts and commerce college, college of technology and Tahfeezul Qur’an College. “Preparations are under way to launch professional courses such as MBA, BBA and D. Pharm,” he said. The Markaz also runs a number of polyclinics and hospitals aimed at helping the poor. Markaz’s website www.markazonline.com can be accessed for more information. 31/12/2007
Hostel opened for Kashmiri students

Kozhikode: An exclusive hostel for Kashmiri students residing at the Markazu Ssaquafathi Ssunniyya (Sunni Cultural Centre) at Karanthur here was inaugurated on Monday.

United Arab Emirates Ambassador to India Abdullah Ebrahim Alzoy Alshehhi inaugurated the hostel, Emirates House. Over 200 out of the 10,000 students from different parts of the State are undergoing education at the Markazu. The Red Crescent funded the project.

The construction of the Emirates House incurred an expenditure of Rs.75 lakh. The three-storeyed building has an office on each floor, canteen and staff room. Apart from hostel rooms, there is a conference hall. A rest room on the roof top, computer lab and library and reading room are the other facilities.

In his keynote address, Markazu general secretary Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musaliyar said all the students from Kashmir were provided food and shelter for the past three years. Four years ago, the then Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Mufti Mohammed Sayeed had approached the Markazu to impart education to the students from the economically poor families in Kashmir, he said.

The Relief and Project manager of Red Crescent Abdullah Ali El Hoosni was the chief guest on the occasion. Mementoes were presented to Mr. Hoosni and Mr. Alshehhi. Minister for Industries Elamaram Karim inaugurated the Handicraft Training Centre at the centre. T.K. Hamsa, MP, offered felicitations. Markazu administrator M.A. Hakkim Azhari, president Sayyid Fasal Shihab Jifree, vice-president Sayyid Ali Bafakhi Thangal, and others spoke
Govt Asked to Implement Sachar Panel Report

NEW DELHI — All India Sunni Jam’iathul Ulama General Secretary Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musliyar met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New Delhi on Tuesday and requested him to table the Sachar Commission report in Parliament and allocate the required funds for its implementation in the next budget. He also urged the prime minister to allow the establishment of a university for expatriates in Malabar as part of the implementation of the Sachar Commission report.

Kanthapuram said that the backwardness of Muslims portrayed by the Sachar Commission could be rectified only through proper allocation of funds and giving directions to state governments to implement the proposals. The Muslim leader said remittances from the Gulf is the backbone of the country’s economy. As 63 percent of the Gulf expatriates are from the Malabar region, it is imperative on the federal government to build the proposed NRI university in Malabar, he argued.

He also informed the prime minister about the unhappiness of Indian Muslims on the country’s growing ties with Israel, which constantly violates international laws and conventions and massacres innocent Palestinians who fight for their legitimate right for a homeland. He said signing defense agreements with the Zionist state and opening facilities in Sriharikota to launch Israeli spy satellites are against India’s independent and neutral foreign policy followed from the time of Jawaharlal Nehru. Kanthapuram urged the prime minister to refrain from forging improved ties with Israel. The prime minister assured Kanthapuram that he would consider his demands.

Muslim group seeks action against army officers with terror links

KOZHIKODE, Kerala: The Kerala-based All-India Sunni Jamiyyathul Ulema has called for tough measures to stop extremist elements infiltrating into India’s security forces. “Anti-national and fanatic elements have intruded into the army and it has made serious dent in the security of the country,” AISJU general secretary Kanthapuram A P Aboobacker Musliyar said while inaugurating a huge anti-terror rally here on Wednesday evening. “It’s really shocking that the terror links have even reached the security forces.” He said it was unfortunate that the anti-national forces operating from the overseas soil draw support from within the country and called upon the people to be vigilant against such forces, but the government should also do its part impartially. “Those who have learnt the tenets of Islam could never ever indulge in activities that encourage killing of innocent people, including women and children. Terrorism has no religion and it’s anti-Islam,” he said. People would support efforts by the government against the terrorism. “We reject the claim of the extremists that they were indulging in such activities to protect the interests of Muslims and Islam. Nobody has entrusted them with this,” Musliyar said. He also condemned efforts by a section portray Muslims as extremists.

Expressing concern over reports that youths from Kerala are involving themselves in extremist activities, he said it was unfortunate that such activities were being deliberately linked to religious institutions. “All four Malayali youths killed in Kashmir had a criminal background and they were not religious persons. The Muslim community takes it seriously,” Musliyar said. “Every effort will be made to maintain unity among all sections.” The police have arrested several youths here as part of investigation into the death of the four youths in Kashmir allegedly in a “shootout” with security forces. However, the police are yet to identify the “terror” outfit they were linked to, who their recruiters were or how they reached Kupwara district in Kashmir where they were killed and buried after their relatives refused to claim their bodies. “Whoever indulges in acts of terrorism must be isolated and the people should be allowed to live in peace,” Musliyar said, adding that his organisation planned to hold mass conventions across the state to spread the message of secularism. “It’s our duty to stop people belonging to any community from engaging in such activities”. Gulf Times, Qatar
Muslim leader warns against meddling in Shariah

KOZHIKODE, Kerala: Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmad alias Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musliyar who heads the Markazu Ssaquafathi Ssunniyya, one of the leading Islamic institutions in India, has urged the Muslim community to resist any move to amend India’s Muslim Personal Law that is based on the tenets of Shariah. Delivering the keynote address at the grand 31st Anniversary Conference and 14th Convocation of the Markaz at Karanthur on the outskirts of this northern Kerala city, he said Islamic Shariah is timeless and nobody would be allowed to dabble in its basic tenets. “It is the decree of Allah, the Almighty. Islamic Shariah is built on the edifice of the Holy Qur’an, Prophet’s Sunnah and the perception and perspectives commonly shared by scholars all over the world. No government, commission or any other system can change or alter it. It is unalterable, perennial and fit to survive all the time and it will withstand the challenges of all ages,” he said. The Kerala Law Reforms Commission has recently recommended a slew of changes in the Muslim Personal Law, including conditions for allowing polygamy, limits to having more than two children and succession rights. Kanthapuram said it was the ulterior motive and calculated ploy of certain people having vested interest to spread the canard that Islamic principles are outdated and should be revamped.

“It is aimed at desensitizing the Muslim community,” he said. “Government, judiciary and the media should not give in to this vicious propaganda. It’s only the prerogative and privilege of religious scholars to issue a fatwa and give the final word on issues of Islamic Shariah. Nonreligious people are advised not to interfere in the religious matters and wreck the prevailing communal amity in the country”. The scholar, who heads one of India’s leading Islamic institutions, warned against the malicious attempts to take the community for a “materialist ride by reorienting and reshaping the religious principles, mores and beliefs to suit their vested interest”. A number of scholars and leaders from India and abroad, including Overseas Indian Affairs Minister Vayalar Ravi, Kerala Assembly Speaker K. Radhakrishnan, Kerala Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, Former Chief Minister Oommen Chandy, Industry Minister Elamaram Kareem, Forest Minister Binoy Vishwam, and former ministers Aryadan Mohammed and K.E. Ismail also addressed various sessions of the three-day meet that concluded Sunday with a marathon public meeting that lasted for 12 hours.
‘ Unity a must to fight terrorism’

JEDDAH: Indian Muslims should unite and fight against terrorism, a prominent Islamic scholar from Kerala told Arab News during a recent visit to Saudi Arabia. “The only way to wage a war against terrorism is through unity,” said All India Jamiyyathul Ulema Secretary, Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmed alias Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musliyar. He welcomed the recent interfaith dialogue initiated by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah and termed it “a good step at a time when Islam was widely misunderstood by followers of other religions.” “The move will go a long way toward forging an understanding among different religions,” Aboobacker said. “The enemies of Islam portray the religion as one of terror and killing. But it should be effectively disseminated that Islam is against terrorism, injustice and killing,” he said. Aboobacker recalled the Prophet’s declaration on the day of Hajjatul Wida that killing innocents and usurping others’ wealth are forbidden acts. Aboobacker was among those who attended an interfaith dialogue hosted by Qatar recently.

He said terrorism had become the most important issue facing the country and so a special session of Markazu Ssaqafathi Ssunniyah is to be held during the center’s 33rd anniversary celebrations from Jan. 16 to 18. Islamic scholars from different parts of the world are likely to attend the program. Markazu, Aboobacker said, plays a major role in imparting moral education to the society. He pointed out that about 300 Kashmiri students who are the victims of terrorism are now studying in Markazu. They will return to Kashmir after their education with the message of love, brotherhood and patriotism. Meanwhile, Aboobacker Ahmad was awarded the first Islamic heritage award in New Delhi on Dec. 29. The award has been given to Aboobacker in recognition of his contribution to the Islamic thought and service for Muslims.

The award — comprising Rs25 lakhs and a memento — was presented by Union Minister for Parliamentary and Overseas Affairs Vayalar Ravi. From the prize money, Aboobacker donated Rs2 lakhs to the families of the police officers killed in Mumbai terror attacks.


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