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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mosque(Masjids) and Dargas In Kerala

Sayyid  Alavi Thangal Mouladdavila Mampuram

Very Famous Mosque located at Tirurangadi in Malappuram District of Kerala. Related Historically to the 'Mappila Lahala' of 1921 against the then British Government.

The shrine and mausoleum of Qutubu Zaman Sayed Alavi Thangal (Thangals : the religious leaders of the Malabar Muslims) ,The famous Mosque and dargah shareef in Mamburam, is a major Pilgrimage centre and has the mausoleum of famous Thangals (respected members of the Muslim community.Muslim shrine and receptacle for Mazars of the Thangals (the pious relegious leaders of the malabar muslims), situated in A.R.Nagar village; is a major pilgrimage centre of Muslims.


This is an important pilgrim centre of the Muslims of Kerala.. Adjoining the mosque is the mausoleum of the Malappuram shaheeds (martyrs) whose brave exploits have been immortalised in the Mappila ballads.
URS-E-SHAREEF :- The four day annual festival ( Urs-e-Shareef ) at the dargah shareef and mosque (nercha) is celebrated in the month of April every year


Jama Masjid, Thazhathangadi (2 km from Kottayam town)
This ancient mosque on the banks of the Meenachil River is believed to be thousand years old.

Ponnani Juma Masjid ( 600 years Old Mosque ) & Dargh Shareef of Yemeni Sufi Saint.

A 600 years old Mosque was designed by a Hindu Carpenter for a sufi saint who came from Yemen. After the unfortunate fall from top of the mosque while completing the construction, the capenter was buried inside the mosque. Its believed that only one large teak wood was used for the construction of whole building. In all entrances to the mosque one can read Quranic inscriptions engraved on it.
About Ponnani
Ponnani is the only port in Malappuram district and one of the oldest ones in Kerala. A tidal port at the mouth of Bharathappuzha, Ponnani is an important fishing center. Ponnani is connected by road from Kuttipputam railway station. National Highway – 17 passes through this town, which is divided by the Canolly Canal, adding to its beauty.

Ponnani is a town of mosques and Khabaristans. Though described as a place of 23a mosques, there are nearly more than 50 mosques. Malik Ibnu Dinar, the first Islamic missionary who cam to Kerala, was believed to have visited Ponnani. The Huma Ath mosque, the biggest mosque in the town was built by Sheikh Zainuddin Makhodum in the 16th Century. Zainuddin was proficient in Arabic and he wrote books. Zainuddin Makhodum-II was another scholar who wrote the early history of Kerala Muslims. The religions established by the Makhodum-I, is renounced all over the country.

Trikavu in Ponnani was one among the seats of the Zamorin, from where he controlled the trade and commerce. The famous Trikavu Durga temple here, clebrates Navarathri festival.

Ten Kms. South-East of Ponnani, is the legendary Mookuthala Bhagavathi Temple, one of the ancient Durga temples of Kerala. It is believed that Sankaracharya is associated with founding of the temple. The Karthika Mahotsav, celebrated in Vrischikam (November-December) attracts thousands of devotees. The Mookkuthala stone, believed to be growing from below the idol every day, is considered sacred. Sukapuram temple near Edappal, is another important Hindu temple.
Biyyam Kayal is a spread of backwaters near Ponnani town, where a boat race is conducted annually, during Onam celebrations. A permanent pavilion is built for the spectators and nearly a dozen country boats, including some rowed by women participate. A big scheme is underway to develop a tourist complex here, with hotel, park and pedal boats.




The chief attraction of the small town of Kondotti is the Pazhayangadi Mosque, which is about five centuries old. The place is also famous for the Kondotti Valia Nercha - a festival celebrated by the Muslims with great gusto in the month of February-March. The revelry lasts three days and the festival plays an important part in the socio-religious life of the Muslims in the area. There is also a beautifully designed Mausoleum dedicated to the Sufi Saint Hazrat Mohammad Shah (RA), who was believed to have come from Persia. Moyin Kutty Vaidyar- Kondotty, the finest exponanent of Mappila Pattu. His Badral Muneer - Husn-Ul-Jamal, the earliest romantic piece is praised for its craft. 18km east of Manjeri. On the way to Malappuram)

Pazhayangadi Mosque, Kondotti (18 km east of Manjeri, on the way to Malappuram).

Urs Shareef and Sandal Mubarak : - The three day long Valia Nercha feast at this 500 year old Muslim pilgrim centre, celebrated in February /March, is a local cultural event.




Thangalpara is a popular Muslim pilgrimage destination situated on the Thangalpara hill. It is believed that the Mausoleum of Sheik Fariduddin stands here. The unique feature of the three hills here is that they house shrines of the three religions of Kerala-Hindu, Muslim and Christian
Kanjiramattom Mosque, Ernakulam District

The Kanjiramattom mosque is believed to be built as a memorial to Hazrath Sheikh Fariduddin (RA). The festival of 'Kodikuthu' is held from January 13 to 14 every year. During the 'Chandanakkudam' ritual held at night, pilgrims carrying pots covered with sandalwood paste proceed in a procession to the mosque. Caparisoned elephants and folk performances accompany the procession. Traditional Muslim art forms like Duffmuttu and Kolkali are also staged during the festival.

Urs Shareef of Hazrat Farid Uddin (RA) Starts On : 13th to 14th January every Year.
Periya has been an excellent place for different communities to live. Many old customs and rituals are still followed by people here. The communal environment is very harmonious compared to its neighbouring places.

One of the famous Muslim mosques in this area, is situated nearby this village. It's known as Parapalli Makham Darga in Ambalathara. In this mosque, people offer prayers for all sorts of problems and they believe it gets resolved. It is interesting to note that people from all religions offer prayers to this mosque and thus is a proud icon of communal harmony. Jama-ath mosque in Kuniya has a great history of 150 years and it celebrates nabidinam every year with the support of huge number of devotees. There is a niskarapalli in Periya Bazar


Dedicated to Hazrath Masthan Saheb Syed Dawood Buhari (RA), a Sufi saint who came to Karaikal from Buhara two centuries ago. He died aged 120, in 1829. Various miracles are attributed to him. It starts with the hoisting of a huge flag on a pole-reminiscent of a ship and a sea-faring tradition. And winds up, 10 days later with a spectacle of floats lit with electric colours.



2) Hazrath Mohammed Ibn Alauddin (RA), Ediyangara, Calicut

3) Hazrath Raffi Rifayya (RA), Old Masjid , Calicut

4) Qutb-e-Alam Hazrath Mohammed Abubaker (RA), Madavoor-Calicut

5) Hazrath Sheik Shaheed Auliya Al Bakari Parambil (RA), Calicut

6) Qutb-ul-Qadria Hazrath Sheik Kamal ud din Ek Umrar Haji Al Qadri (RA), Calicut

7) Hazrath Sheik Mohammed Haji Thangal Shaduli (RA), Vadakara, Parapalli, Calicut

8) Ashiq-e-Rasool Kundoor Hazrath Abdul Khader Musliar Al Qadri (RA), Malapurram

9) Qutb-ul-Qadria Hazrath Sheik Sayeed Siraj ud din Al Qadri Ailakkad (RA), Malappuram

10) Hazrath Sheik Abdul Rahman Naqshbandi Khalidi (RA), Tanoor

11) Hazrath Sheik Mohammed Bappu Khalidi Shaduli, Machingappara, Tirur

12) Hazrath Sheik Jamal ud din Ek Ahmad Haji Al Qadri (RA), Muttichoor, Thrisur

13) Hazrath Zain ud din Maqdhoom (RA), Ponnani

14) Hazrath Zain ud din Maqhdhoom (RA) Mini Palli, Shompal

15) Hazrath Abdul Khader Sani Soharwardi (RA), Purathiyil , Kannur

16) Hazrath Mohammed Moula Buqari (RA), Kannur

17) Hazrath Sayeed Moula Bhukhari (RA), City Kannur

18) Hazrath Valiyullahi (RA) Muttil Juma Masjid, Muttil , Kannur

19) Hazrath Valiyullahi (RA) Oliyankara Juma Masjid, Cherukunnu, Kannur

20) Hazrath Pallipadi Auliya (RA), Ernakulam

21) Hazrath Sheik Fariuddin (RA), Kanjiramattom, Eranakulam

22) Hazrath Abdul Razack Masthan (RA), Kaniyamburam

23) Hazrath Masthan Saheb Syed Dawood Buhari (RA), Kariakal

24) Hazrath Mohammed Shah (RA), Kondotti

25) Hazrath Sayeed Hameed Thangal Rifai, Kalamassery

26) Hazrath Valiyullahi C M Abubaker Musliyaar (RA), Madavoor , Malabar

27) Hazrath Umar Qazi (RA) Veliyankonde, Malabar

28) Hazrath Sayeed Alavi Mouladdhaveela (RA) Mamburam, Malabar

29) Hazrath Kaduvayil (RA), Thottakkadu P.O, Thirvananthapuram

30) Hazratha Sayeedunissa Bee Amma (RA) and Hazrath Syed-us-Saeed Maheen Abu Baker (RA), Beemapalli Dargah shareef ( 12kms from Thiruvananthapuram city )


Beemappalli Dargah Shareef, about 12 km southwest of Thiruvananthapuram city.The Beemappalli Dargah Shareef is dedicated to Hazratha Bee Amma a pious Muslim lady endowed with extraordinary powers. Hazratha Bee Amma and her son who belong to the family of Prophet Mohammed are believed to have come here from Arabia centuries ago, to preach their religion Islam. The annual ten-day Sandal and Urs Shareef festival at Beemappalli is held in memory of Hazratha Sayeedunissa Bee umma and her son Hazrath Sayyidussaheed Maheen Aboobaker who are laid to rest here.
SANDAL AND Urs Shareef Celebrations :-
The festival began at 8.30 in the morning of September 12th with a prayer 'Dunha' led by the religious chief Imam Jauab Abdulla Razak Maulavi on the premises of the shrine. This was followed by a ceremonial procession. The following six days saw regular religious discourses and preachings in the evenings. From September 19 to 21st cultural programmes held in the evening hours added a festive mood to the shrine.As part of the festival devotees make an offering of coins in earthern pots (kudams) which are smeared with sandal Mubarak (Chandanam) paste. This ritual is called Chandanakkudam.Thousands of pilgrims travelled here in to take part in the festival. Flowers, silk cloth and oil offered here at Dargah Shareef were distributed to the devotees who visited the shrine, as is the practice.
Getting there :Nearest railway station : Thiruvananthapuram central, about 12 km


HAZRATH KADUVAYIL THANGAL DARGAH is another place of pilgrimage that houses the shrine of a famous local Muslim saint. It is on National Highway 47 and attracts people from all religions, who seek the saint's blessings.

The KTCT College of Teacher's Education is established and managed by Kaduvayil Muslim Jama-Ath Charitable Trust. The Kaduvayil Mosque is one of the ancient and famous one of its kind in southern Kerala, situated by the side of NH 47 in Chirayinkeezhu Taluk. The centre of attraction is the holly shrine (Darga) of the renowned Sufi Saint known as Kaduvail Thangal, one of the descendants of Prophet Muhamad (PBH). Hundreds of devoties irrespective of caste creed and religion visit the shrine and the offering and donations of the devoties and well wishers is the main source of income of the Trust. The income is expended largely for the upliftment of the poor people of all caste and religion in the field of Education, Health care, social and welfare activities. The Trust runs other institutions also.

Seyyid Mohammed Shareeful Madani Ullal

The Darga to commemorate Seyyid Mohammed Shareeful Madani, located in Ullal in South Kanara, has been drawing pilgrims from all faiths. Legend has it that about 400 years ago, Seyyid Muhammed Shareeful Madani came to Mangalore from Saudi Arabia, reaching the shores of Ullal by floating on a piece of cloth. He camped in a small mosque at Melangadi in Ullal village where he led a simple life showering his love on the poor. People from Ullal, Pemannur and neighboring villages of Someshwar, Munnur, Kotekar and Jeppinamogaru consider this as the central Jumma Masjid. He became famous among the villagers because of his kindness and his treatment of the sick through prayers.

Many miracles have been credited to this saint and to this day, people from all communities come to Ullal mosque to seek his blessings. There are many stories that are associated with Madani miraculous powers. One day his landlord took away the tender coconuts which belonged to the Madani. Later the landlord came back with severe stomach ache. Always forgiving, the Madani offered him a glass of water and the landlord was relieved of the pain. In gratitude, the landlord presented the house to the Madani and even today the descendents of the Madani live here.

The villagers once saw the Madani throwing water high above him in upward direction. When they questioned him, he told them that there was a fire in the distant mosque at Mecca and that he was extinguishing the fire. That particular year, pilgrims who returned from Mecca confirmed that there had indeed been a fire in the mosque and that some miraculous showers extinguished it.

A tomb was raised over the Madani's grave after his death and the miracles continued. Many dumb people got their voices back and thousands of people were blessed with happiness.

Another story says that a painter who was Christian made a vow at the darga that if by the blessing of the Madani, he found two gold necklaces which were lost two years back, he would make offerings at the darga. The very next day, he found the necklaces around the neck of a woman in a neighboring town In 1945, when Uroos was being organized in the Darga, the village was suffering from acute water scarcity, thousands had thronged the village for the Uroos celebrations and all of them were suffering in the heat.

The Seyyid Madani Darga observes Uroos once in five years which attracts pilgrims from all over the country and it has earned the name of Ajmer Darga of the south.

List of Famous Dargah Shareef of Sahaba-e-Ikhram and Other Sufi Saints / Auliyas of Kerala :-

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