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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ma’din hosts ‘Alive in Our Hearts’ programme in India

Ma’din hosts ‘Alive in Our Hearts’ programme in India Initiative aims to expand ‘Hayyun Fi Quloobina’, the international campaign, to Indian Community for disseminating the harmony message of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).

   Thiruvanandapuram: Ma’din Academy inked an agreement with Tabah Foundation, the Abu Dhabi based leading research and consultation entity, which focuses on reformulating modern Islamic discourse, to expand the prestigious ‘Alive in our Hearts’ programme, launched by Tabah Foundation to bond relations with the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in India through various activities and awareness programmes. This will be an innovative programme to spread the harmony message of Prophet in Indian subcontinent.

  The MOU has been signed between Ma’din Acdemy and Tabah Foundation at Tabah’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates by Mr. Noor Al Din Al Harthi, the CEO of Tahab Foundation, and Sheikh Ibrahim Khalil Al Bukhari, chairman of Ma’din Academy at the presence of Sheikh Al Habib Ali Al Jafri, Chairman of Tabah Foundation and representatives from both bodies. Ma’din Academy will implement, under the supervision of Tabah Foundation, a series of activities and programmes to unfold the unique messages of ‘Alive in our Hearts’ programme in India. Furthermore, Tabah Foundation will provide consultations to enable Ma’din Academy to better implement the programme in line with the objectives of two entities to help greater segments of the community to know more on the Prophet’s doctrine of moderation. Conferences, seminars, workshops, media campaigns, social media colloquium, publication of books, releasing of documentaries and scholar’s summit will be part of the year long programme from February 2013- February 2014.
    This is also part of the silver jubilee celebrations of Ma’din Prayer Congregation which has been conducted since 1986 on last Thursday of every lunar month with amazing the participation of hundreds of thousands of people under Sayyid Ibrahimul Khaleelul Bukhari, the chairman of Ma’din Academy. In conjunction with this event a number of programmes are planned in various counties. International Seminar on Interfaith Harmony and Tolerance will be held at Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital in collaboration with Malaysian prime minister’s depart of National Unity and Integration and International Islamic University Malaysia on February 26-27, 2013. Erudite Seminar will be held in Australia in March. These are part of Interfaith Harmony Initiative of United Nations. A series of seminars and research visit on Ethno Cultural Moorings of Malabar have been planned in New Zealand and Fiji in the month.

   Ma’din Academy has also decided to establish one international research centre to study on Prophet (PBUH) at Ma’din Campus, Malappuram. As part of the Alive Initiative, Ma’din Manuscripts Foundation will begin courses in heritage, manuscripts and codicology. Commenting on the agreement, Al Habib Ali Al Jafri said, “The expansion of ‘Alive in our Hearts’ programme into India, the multicultural country where a huge number of Muslim live, comes at a very important time as the whole world is in urgent need to get closer to biography of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and to learn from his unique leadership, personality lessons for the whole humanity”. “Since the dawn of Islam, the Muslim Nation has closely associated with the great personality of the Prophet and his noble features. Such intellectual and spiritual relation that was relived over generations has purified the ethics of Muslims. We are now in need to consolidate this relation so that Moslems will be the best ambassadors of this noble religion”, he added. Al Jafri went on to say that Tabah Foundation has been honoured to launch ‘Alive in our Heart’ programme some years ago which has been immensely hailed and echoed via its various forums such as Al Mahabbah Awards. “This initiative is part of Tabah Foundation’s role in shedding more lights on the noble biography of the Prophet and to strengthen our relations and love of our community towards our greater Leader, especially amongst the young who are the cornerstone of the progress of our nation in future.” Sheikh Ibrahim Al Bukhari has commended the commitment of Tabah Foundation to bring into centre stage the great biography of the Prophet and his noble life with an aim to spearhead the moderate and forgiving doctrine of Islam. “Ma’din Academy shares with Tabah Foundation such great objectives as there is an urgent need to shed more lights on biography of the Prophet who has taught the humanity great lessons for the goodness and charity”.

  Mr. Noor Aldin Al Harthi, the CEO of Tahab Foundation, said, “We are very pleased to have inked this agreement. Tabah Foundation is keen to support Ma’din Academy with consultation needed to help it attain its objectives. Together, we have prepared a complete programme to implement the initiative for the coming period.” “We are honoured to see that ‘Alive in our Hearts’ that was born in Abu Dhabi becoming a global programme reaching countries such as Jordan, Yemen, the UK and Canada where a great number of people have taken part in its various activities. The success of reaction towards this initiative that was implemented with no marketing or awareness campaign highlights the great love and respect people have towards our great Prophet”, he said. Tabah Foundation launched ‘Alive in our Hearts’ in 2006 to revive and bond relations with the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).
    The programme encompassed various lectures, hymns, symposiums and forums as well as organising cultural and religious activities focusing on strengthening relations with the Prophet such as Al Mahabbah Awards that were organised in years 2006 and 2008. Light of Madeena, the first programme under the initiative will be held at Malappuram on 22nd January. Troops from various parts of the country will attend to present the eulogies of Prophet. Professor Noorul Hassan ( Australia) will inaugurate the session

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