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Friday, April 6, 2012

Awakening Humanity is the remedy Kanthapuram,s Keralayathra

When we follow the news media today, we find most of the news tells the vivid pictures of the brutal facts that are very difficult to be believed by a common man. We rarely find the good news that make us happy and joyful. Here come to my mind those words of a thinker: "recently I changed the routines as I began to read the daily newspapers in the evening instead of morning to stop the impact of the horrific headlines from influencing me the whole day". In fact this is the sentiment which we live today after watching channels and reading newspapers. Murder, rape, suicide and looting are very common. Even animals are ashamed of hearing those evils. Father kills his son and the daughter get sexually harassed, on wedding day the girl escapes with her boyfriend in love, a man raped buffalo and killed it and a group of people record the man who breathes his last breath at the accident place.
The point is that the man of today has become a mere structure of the chemical element, deprived of the conscious mind which governs him and sets him apart from other beings. The human value – if it actually exists - has declined to the lowest level. In the past decades, Kerala was a great example of peaceful coexistence and cultural communication between layers of different religions. Because of the prosperity and wealth resources available in Kerala, we used to call it yesterday "God's own country", it is better today to call it "the devil's own country."
In the past decades several local and international organizations founded to protect human rights and values. Now it is accustomed to hear those chants and slogans advocated by those organizations, somehow we are fed up and we don't care to listen to them. We all realized that they are hollow balloons and nothing else. But the visual and print media celebrated interpretation of these rights and values. Full support was declared to women's and old ages' rights , children's and mothers' rights, workers' and employers' rights. For campaigning right of each group of people each day was assigned and our calendar is full of those 'days'. If we examine our daily life and compared it with these campaigns what we can realize? Only a tiny percentage of those campaigns made practical? they were a big success? Or they were just a tactic for publicity to attract the unemployed youth and uneducated teenagers?.
Here we need some urgent review. Religions should take care of moralizing people as it was before. All people should respect the values and ethics that religions teach. Look at Indian history how religious values played an important role in keeping harmony in the society. For Muslims, whole Quran is a miracle and its teachings are divine. Moral values that advocated by Quran are very nice and beautiful. Muslims follow them with care and they are requested to spread those moral values to other communities as well. One of them is the peaceful coexistence of human beings on the earth, because the earth is for all human beings according to Quran. Al though all religions teach ethics, Muslims are mostly engaged in studying their holy Book. We can see Madrassas, Islamic Colleges everywhere. Therefore it is their right as well as duty of Muslims to spread those values. The aim is only to stop the brutal killings, stop the violence, avoid the ways that led to violence such as alcohol, unsanctified love affairs and so on. The aim is only to inspire love of human beings, respect of parents and elders, taking care of widows and orphans, strengthening the bond of relationships among family and neighbors and so on.

One of the influential Muslim Body in Kerala under the leadership of Kanthapuram A P Aboobacker Musliyar made bold initiative to launch mass moral campaign in Kerala under the slogan 'awakening of humanity'. This group has separate wing for youths, students, teachers, and scholars. Since four months all the members and well-wishers of these wings made huge campaign all over Kerala by conducting Mass Gatherings, Social Harmony Sessions anti Anti- tobacco drives. This campaign will end by conducting Kerala Yathra (Kerala March) led by Kanthapuram A P Aboobacker Musliyar from April 12, 2012 to April 28, 2012. .
One of the unique characteristic of the march is that it is a socio - religious motivated march led by a socio-religious leader. Contrary to marches led by political mileage, I think it is a distinctive march that covers all factions of whole society.
According to the organizing body, Kerala Yatra will have 60 stations across Kerala. In all stations, a huge number of people will gather to participate in the conferences. Local leaders – both political and religious – will be invited to deliver the speech. People from all walks of life will join together in the public gatherings in each station.

By Shaheed Azhary

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