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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

On Swalath Nagar Malappuram

Muslims in Kerala take pledge against terrorism
Hundreds of thousands of Muslims took the pledge against terrorism at the end of the marathon prayers on Lailat Al-Qadr, the night of power, overnight Monday.

Believers started pouring into Swalath Nagar in Malappuram district well before the breaking of fast at a mass iftar after which the prayers began. The annual event was organized by Ma’dinu Ssaquafathil Islamiyya, which runs a group of religious and educational institutions. “We, the servants of Allah and followers of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), affirm in good faith that we will strive for the virtue and well being of our family, friends, teachers and the entire humanity. We will be in the forefront of giving a helping hand to the poor and the oppressed,” devotees repeated the pledge administered by Sayyid Ibrahimul Khaleelul Bukhari, chairman of Ma’din. Apart from the main venue, people were accommodated in other 10 grounds, spread across 10 km on either sides of the highway. Of these, five were reserved for women and all were linked with closed-circuit TVs.

“We have assembled here upholding forbearance and abstention from everything that Allah has forbidden, to rededicate ourselves in the service of humanity and to lead a life afresh devoid of sins and transgressions,” read the pledge The believers gathered from far-flung places in India and abroad reaffirmed that usurping the rights of fellow-beings is a grave offence to humanity and that the Muslims would continue to honor the dignity of others. The organizers said more than half million people had been gathering at the venue for the past three years. The size of the gathering is estimated by the number of food packets distributed to the guests. “And we praise God for blessing us with an Islamic life. Even when we take pride in being a Muslim, we respect and honor all other faiths and their followers. We will keep a continuous vigil against forces that work to destroy the oneness of humanity,” the pledge said. It said the Muslims are duty-bound to protect India’s integrity, wealth, values and legacy. “We once again reaffirm that we will uphold and safeguard the integrity and unity of the country, and will distance ourselves from all actions and moves that may jeopardize the nation.”

Reiterating that terrorism, extremism, subversive attempts, factionalism and discrimination on the basis of religion, community, caste, politics and language are sure to destabilize India they took the solemn oath to reach out to others with the message of peace. In his inaugural address, Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musliar, general secretary of the All India Jamiyyathul Ulema, said Islamic scholars and leaders always upheld the message of harmonious coexistence of different faiths in the country. A.K. Abdul Hameed, Central Haj Committee member, welcomed the gathering following which Sayed Ali Bafaqi Thangal led the initial prayer. Sayed Abdurahman Bukhari Thangal, president of the Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama, presided over the congregation. Sayed Mohammed Ba-Alavi, Quran scholar from Yemen, who led Tharaveeh prayers earlier, was the chief guest. The congregation stayed up throughout the night chanting prayers for peace and salvation. It reached a crescendo as the gathering said “there is no God but Allah” a thousand times in unison anticipating that the night greater than a thousand nights in sanctity and rewards from Allah falls on 27th night of Ramadan. The mass prayers were telecast live by television channels while special video-screening were held at centers in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi in India and major cities in the Middle East. Several people abroad joined the congregation utilizing the online video streaming, live telecast and screening facilities, making it truly global. Ma’din started organizing the annual prayer meet with a view to spreading peace and communal harmony in a small way 24 years back and the number started swelling year after year.

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