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Monday, July 5, 2010

Isra’: a Scientific Analysis

The Isra’ was an historical event explained immensely in the holy Quran. The journey was really a physical one and not a dreamy or spiritual. The verses of holy Quran reveal this fact: Glorified be He (Allah) Who carried His servant by night from Al- Masjid Al- Haram (in holy Makkah) to Al- Masjid Al- Aqsa (in Jerusalem), the neighborhood whereof We have blessed, in order that We might show him some of Our signs. Indeed He alone is All-hearing, All-Seeing (H.Q 17/1). If it is a mere journey in one’s dream, how will be it qualified for the statement of holy verses? For, most of us might be experienced such a dream. As for the word ‘Subhana’, the Quranic style is to use the word only for expressing an extraordinary event. Habitually, the word would be applied for any astonishment. But it isn’t an astonishing matter that to travel about 1,000 kms through one’s dream. Accordingly, the word ‘Subhana’ never used for referring such a travel.

The journey, stated in the holy Quran, was happened after the messenger’s prophet hood. Al Hathami sufi comments: about 30 times, Isra had taken place in the life of the messenger (Peace and Blessing be upon him). There are some reports to support the argument that the Isra’ happened before his Prophethood. So, here is a possibility to be the thirty journeys other than the one as mere dreamy without any physical touch. The Prophet (PBH) once said the beginning of Prophethood was by some true dreams. In addition, the real and physical Isra’ and Mi’raj took place on the Prophet’s 52nd age on 27th of Rajab.

The beginning of his journey

On that night, the Prophet (PBH) was in the house of Ummu Hani’(May Allah please with her) at Shi’b Abu thalib (Street Abu Thalib). Often, He would consider this house as his own house. Ummu hani’ (R) was the daughter of Abu thalib. In the Hadiths depicting the Isra’, some reports claim that it was from his own house. Some claim from the house of Ummu hani’ (R). Even though, the above mentioned joins together the two reports more wisely.

In the night, a crack approximately broad appeared on the roof of the house. When he saw the crack, the messenger (PBH) came to remember his experience of getting his chest torn and stitched while he was in the caring hands of Haleema (R). This remembrance might be helping him to be brave. It is good to start an operation after getting courage and confidence.

The angels, climbing down from the heaven, took the Messenger (PBH) to Masjid Al Haram. While the sleeping annoyed him, he laid on the Hijr ismaeel where Hamza, and jafer (May Allah Please with them) had been sleeping. After some time, the angels awaked the Prophet (PBH) from the sleeping. Taking him in to the well of Zam Zam, they put him laid on his back. In an extraordinary manner, the operation was conducted without using any equipment in the leadership of Jibreel (A). The angels Jibreel and Mikael (A) took the Prophet’s heart and washed it with the water Zam Zam as they did during his childhood.

Afterwards, Jibreel (A) took him out of the Masjid Al haram where an animal, which was bigger than an ass but smaller than a mule, had been waiting as their vehicle. Its name was Buraque. This name might be derived from the Arabic word ‘Baraq’ which means ‘the lightning’. The vehicle was very fast like the lightning. When the Messenger (PBH) climbed up the vehicle it started to rush. Oh! What a speedy! On every rush, it leaped over beyond the reach of eye sight. Its legs and hands was spring like one and their movements changed in accordance with the wharf. Ibn Al muneer (R) says: “the Buraque needs only one step for reaching on the sky from the earth”. Buraque, how wonderful it is! It had two wings on its both thighs. For the betterment of rushing, these wings worked as an engine.

Here is a question raised, is this vehicle sent down newly for the miraculous journey of Messenger (PBH)? Some scholars denied it. Imam sha’rani (R) says: “every Prophet has got chance to travel on the Buraque”. Some historical scholars opinioned that it was the same vehicle that took the Prophet Ibrahim, his son Ismaeel and Hajra (May Allah Blessed with them) from the Quds to holy Makkah. Even though, some claim this vehicle was arranged only for the Messenger (PBH).

It isn’t impossible to survive an animal on earth for so many eras. The surviving of khidr (A) in the earth and Isa (A) on the heaven both are clear evident to make possible of the survival of living things for eras. Ashabul Kahf (The people of the Cave) fell asleep about three hundred years in a Cave. In addition, the camel of Salih (A), the cow which got her life back while his sword touched her and the wood pecker of Messenger Sulaiman (A) are the miraculous phenomena in animal world. The Buraque can also be added to this list.

The Buraque challenges the helicopters, a high technological comfort in the modern world. The copters need helipad to land in. but the Buraque, which set out from the Masjid Al haram, reached on Baith Al Muqaddis after landing frequently without the help of helipads or special grounds. The planes and copters necessitate the set up for protecting the traveler from the airy difficulties. But the travelers on the Buraque need not to bother about such problems. For, Allah arranged this journey to the Messenger (PBH) as a Mu’ajizath. So, he (PBH) feared not any difficulties which the common people confronted with.

Thus, the travelers reached in Masjid Al- Aqsa. The Messenger (PBH) tied the Buraque in a ring on the gate of Aqsa. Meanwhile, the Angel Jibreel (A) made a new ring on a stone adjacent to the gate. Then the Buraque was tied on it soon. The Jibreel (A) might think to make a sign for tomorrow. For, all the Prophets used to tie their vehicle in the ring on which the Messenger (PBH) tied at first. Accordingly, if he tied Buraque in the same ring, here would not be any evident for the visit of Messenger(PBH) . That is why, the new made ring might be a sign for the visit.

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